August 10, 2022

ATV or Buggy, which one should I choose in Dubrovnik?

So, you’ve decided to make your Dubrovnik stay slightly more adventurous? Our routes are designed to show you this wonderful city and its magnificent surroundings in a different light. However, there’s one more choice you still need to make. As you know, we offer different kinds of vehicles. So, before you embark on your journey, you’ll have to pick between an ATV or buggy. Worry not, we’ll help you make your decision. Read on to discover the essential differences between these two vehicles.

ATV or buggy? Which one should I choose in Dubrovnik?

Both the ATV and the buggy will most certainly amuse you. These off-road vehicles are made for fun, and that’s a fact. However, suppose you don’t have a personal preference. In that case, you should know how the ATV and the buggy differ in many vital aspects. So, without further ado, here are the differences between these two fun-packed off-roadsters:

General differences

Their functionality is the most significant difference between the ATV and the buggy. There’s no country in the world without ATVs. These flexible quads can be used anywhere, for everything. Do you need to reach a mountain top? Say no more. The ATV will take you there. Also, you can easily modify an ATV. Switch the wheels with tracks, and you can use them in the snow. Add some tow bars, and you got yourself a small cargo vehicle. However, comfort is the one major issue for ATVs. With the motorcycle seat, these vehicles can hardly accommodate more than one person.

The buggy, on the other hand, is much more comfortable. The car-like seats allow more passengers to travel at once. While most of them are two-seaters, some buggies can easily accommodate four people. Also, they’re fast. So, if you’re a speed junkie, the buggy should be your weapon of choice. Buggies might not be versatile as the ATV. However, thanks to the comfort, the buggy can be used for more extended travel. Also, when carrying cargo, the buggy beats the ATV. First, they have more load space. Second, they have more powerful engines.

Size and appearance

The size is one of the most significant differences between buggies and ATVs. Buggies are usually more extensive and resemble a car due to the seats, pedals, and steering wheel. The seating spots on a buggy can vary from two to six. Also, most of them have a cargo hold in the back. On the other side, ATVs resemble a motorcycle and are controlled with a handlebar.

Due to their size, buggies are a better choice for more comprehensive, more open areas. On the other hand, ATVs are smaller, more versatile, and can get you almost everywhere. However, ATVs come in various sizes. Some are equipped with heavy equipment, such as tow bars, rooftops, and luggage. However, the bigger the ATV, the harder it is to handle. So, if you’re a novice rider, you might want to opt for a lighter version. Commandeering a buggy will require only basic driving skills.


If safety is your concern, then the buggy is a better choice for you than an ATV. Buggies come equipped with roll bars that protect you in case things go south. Next, they have seat belts and a wider chassis, making them harder to roll over. Also, buggies are usually slower than ATVs.

On the contrary, most ATVs have open tops. Also, the seat has no belts. Thus, falling off an ATV is much easier. These vehicles can be tricky for an inexperienced rider, making them less safe than the buggies.

However, both vehicles come with specific hazards. So safe driving and protective equipment are necessary for the ATV and buggy. All our rides include equipment, so that’s one less thing for you to worry about and enjoy your Dubrovnik tour.


ATVs and buggies differ in engines too. ATVs come equipped with smaller machines. The engine displacement of these vehicles varies from 50 cc up to 1000 cc. The engine of the ATC is placed beneath the vehicle, like in a motorcycle. Hence, it is more accessible for quick fixes.

Due to their engine displacement, these quads are used for going through rough terrains with many obstacles. They might not reach high speeds, but there’s no match for the ATV when going to impossible places. But if you need a cargo vehicle, the ATV is not your best choice.

The engine displacement of the buggies is much more significant. The buggy engines start at 1000 cc and go up. Most of them are equipped with 1600 cc engines. Some of them even have turbos, making them extremely powerful.

Thus, the buggy is much faster than the ATV. Also, it is more suitable for carrying loads. The majority of buggies are lightweight but pumped with powerful engines. So, driving them is pure fun. The buggy might not reach places like the ATV, but it will entertain you and your friends.

When it comes to gearboxes, most buggies come with automatic transmissions. The sole purpose of the automatic gearbox is to allow the driver to focus on the ride. ATVs also come with automatic transmission. However, some models are equipped with manual gearboxes to increase their functionality.

ATV & Buggy in Dubrovnik – Our fleet

ATV & Buggy AdvenTOURS Dubrovnik is well equipped with both vehicles. If you prefer the ATV, we have the magnificent Can-Am Outlander Max DPS 450. Equipped with a 427 cc and 38 hp engine, the Outlander is quite the athlete. One thing we can promise: this ATV will make your Dubrovnik adventure unforgettable.

And if you decide that the buggy is more suitable for you, we’re ready for that too. Our Can-Am Maverick Sport Max DPS 1000R is at your disposal. This vehicle comes with a powerful 976 cc engine. The engine displacement is more than enough for this lightweight buggy. Still, the ride in the Maverick is easy and comfortable, as your Dubrovnik stay should be.

ATV & Buggy in Dubrovnik – Verdict

Lastly, to conclude. If you want to ride alone, have some skills, and want to get a bit of an adrenaline rush, go with the ATV. It’s riskier, but wearing the proper safety equipment and riskless driving should keep you safe.

And if you want someone to accompany you on your adventurous tour around Dubrovnik, you should opt for the Buggy. Also, the buggy is a much better choice for a kid passenger since it’s safer than the ATV.

Other than that, both these vehicles will provide as much fun as you need. So, make your choice and enjoy the lovely scenery of the Croatian coastline.