August 10, 2022

How to ride the ATV and buggy safely in Dubrovnik

So, you’ve decided to take one of our routes? Excellent choice! You’re about to experience Dubrovnik from a whole different perspective. However, before you embark on your adventure, we must ensure you’re safe. Many factors can affect your well-being, including your skills, road conditions, and the vehicle itself. Typically, you will get the proper safety equipment and a safety briefing. However, read on for more tips on how to ride ATV and Buggy safely.

How to ride ATV and Buggy safely in Dubrovnik

Once again, several factors will affect your safety while riding one of our vehicles. ATV & Buggy AdvenTOURS Dubrovnik considers your safety a top priority. Thus, we want to ensure you’ll remember Dubrovnik by its beauty, not a bump on your head. So, before we give you the keys, we will brief you, and you’ll be handed personal protective equipment. However, as we cannot emphasize how important your safety is to us, we’ve compiled a guide. So, without further ado, here’s how to stay safe while enjoying the beautiful sceneries of the Dubrovnik coast.

Wear your protective gear

Proper protective gear is essential for a safe ride. Before you leave, we will provide you with a helmet. So, make sure you always wear it because the helmet prevents head injuries. Also, long pants and closed shoes are recommended, as they help protect your legs and feet from hitting debris on the road.

Practice riding

Have you commandeered an ATV or a Buggy before? You haven’t? Worry not; we’re here to teach you. So, before you embark on your Dubrovnik adventure, you might want to try the vehicle first. Whether you’ve chosen the Maverick or the Outlander, it matters not. Practice is needed with both vehicles. So, start slowly, in a more open, obstacle-free area. Leave yourself enough room to maneuver. We want you to enjoy your adventure carefreely.

Know the boundaries

Like all other vehicles, ATVs and Buggies should be used cautiously. The Outlander and the Maverick are specific. They’re not like your car or your motorcycle. So, if you don’t know your boundaries, you’ll put yourself at risk. Some of your guidelines are no speeding, no standing up while riding, and respecting the road rules. Unless the Dubrovnik’s emergency room is one of the places, you want to visit, bear in mind that boundaries are what will keep you safe.

Be alert

Always be alert and aware of your surroundings and other people around you. Watch for vehicles or pedestrians in the area. If a car or pedestrian approaches you, yield the right-of-way to them as necessary.

Do not ride at night without proper lighting on your ATV/Buggy. This includes headlights and taillights that are adjusted to meet state law requirements.

When operating an ATV/buggy near others, keep enough distance between yourself and others. This gives you enough room to deal with emergency breaking by your pears. Keep it approximately 10 feet.

Avoid complacency

Complacency while riding one of our vehicles is only allowed if you’re a professional. If you’re not, complacency is your enemy. So, do not become complacent when riding an ATV or buggy. If you are conceited, you may not notice an obstacle on the road, and your reaction time might be too slow to avoid an accident. While it’s essential to take breaks from driving or riding now and again, it’s best if you stay alert as much as possible during your time on the road or trail.

Control your speed

Our routes are not made for fast riding. Also, the Maverick and the Outlander are challenging to control at high speeds. So, monitor and control your speed, whether riding uphill, downhill or flat ground. Always ride at a safe pace and consider the terrain. You should go slower than usual if you run into a muddy spot. If not, your tires will spin out. You will also want to go slower than expected if it is bumpy or rough terrain. This is because it will be harder for your vehicle to handle this terrain. Besides, it could cause damage to yourself or the vehicle.

Operate safely at corners and turns

Once again, keeping your speed in check when riding the ATV or the Buggy is essential. If you’re going too fast, there’s a chance that you could lose control of your vehicle and crash. This is especially true while making turns since they can be dangerous if you don’t slow down first.

To make turns safely, use lower gears when approaching turns so that you can slow down gradually as needed. Using lower gears when traveling up or down hills would be best. This is because these conditions require more effort for the engine and tires to travel over rough terrain at higher speeds.

How to ride ATV and Buggy safely in Dubrovnik – Don’t drink before your adventure

Yes, we know that you’re on holiday. And yes, we know that the romantic spirit of Dubrovnik and the fantastic seafood can make you drink a glass of wine. However, please don’t do it before taking our tours. We’re not the police, and we won’t test you. Still, if our operators notice you’ve been drinking, you will be denied a spot on the adventure.

Alcohol and our rides don’t go well together. We’re going to need you sharp, alert, and reactive. Booze will dull your senses, making you a threat to yourself end the environment. So, please keep the drinks away before coming to us.
Not to mention that driving under the influence is highly punishable by the Croatian police. Also, this is not regular sightseeing. You’re about to have a marvelous adventure that you’d like to remember. It’s kind of hard to do it drunk, right?

How to ride ATV and buggy safely in Dubrovnik – Conclusion

So, know you know how to ride ATV and Buggy safely. Follow the rules and obey the law, but most importantly, respect the vehicle you’re riding. ATV & Buggy AdvenTOURS Dubrovnik will provide you with equipment, but the rest is on you. You’re about to have one of the best adventures of your life. Why spoil it?

Ultimately, ATV & Buggy Adventures in Dubrovnik is just a click away!

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