December 15, 2022

Buggy Sunset Tour – best Panorama tour in Dubrovnik

Buggy Dubrovnik Sunset Panorama Tour

You must have already heard that Dubrovnik is a cultural gem that basks in more than a millennium of history and natural beauty. You have also heard that Dubrovnik’s city walls are recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site… and that there is a hill called Srđ above Dubrovnik, from which there is a spectacular view of the Old Town of Dubrovnik, the Adriatic Sea and the surrounding islands.

But have you experienced all this up close, enjoying a ride in the latest Buggy vehicle – on a breathtaking route???

Whether you’re a romantic at heart or want to take in Dubrovnik’s beauty at sunset, this Buggy Dubrovnik Sunset Panorama Tour is for you!

In this text, we’ll give you the information about our popular Buggy Dubrovnik Sunset Panorama Tour, as well as the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Why is our Buggy Dubrovnik Sunset Panorama Tour unique and so popular?

Because this tour offers you an unforgettable experience with buggy rides and breathtaking panoramic views during the sunset.

You’ll enjoy riding up close along the city walls and spectacular vistas of the Old City, the surrounding mountains, the sea, and the islands. Riding up the winding road toward the top of Mount Srđ, you’ll come across the most remarkable sight – a magical photo spot.

How long does the Buggy Dubrovnik Sunset Panorama Tour last?

The tour lasts approximately 2 hours.

Who can participate in Buggy Dubrovnik Sunset Panorama Tour?

Since you can participate only as a passenger in this tour, there are no special limitations, except that all children have to be escorted by at least one parent and be at least 4 years old.

What is the maximum number of participants in this tour?

First of all, it should be said that the capacity of one Buggy vehicle is 4 people (our driver + 3 passengers).

The maximum number of people who can simultaneously participate in our Buggy Dubrovnik Sunset Panorama Tour is 6 (2 Buggy vehicles x 3 passengers per vehicle = 6).

What is included in the price of this tour?

The following is included in the price of Buggy Dubrovnik Sunset Panorama Tour:

  • participants pick-up by a Buggy vehicle and the return to the desired location (free pick up & drop off)
  • an unforgettable sunset romantic experience in which you will be able to make the best photos ever
  • bottle of water (per person)
  • surprise gift.

Is this tour shared or private?

Generally, this tour is private so that the participants could (alone or in company with) fully experience what the Buggy Sunset Panorama Tour offers.

Buggy Dubrovnik Sunset Panorama tour details

Below, in a few sentences and pictures, we will try to bring you closer to a part of the experience that you can expect in our Buggy Dubrovnik Sunset Panorama Tour.

So let’s get started …

  1. We come to pick you up at the desired location

Before we board you on the Buggy vehicle at the agreed place (in front of the hotel, apartment or some other location in Dubrovnik), we will just ask you: “Are you sure you brought your camera😊”?

Pick up with buggy vehicles in front of the hotel Sheraton, Srebreno, Dubrovnik

After settling comfortably in the Buggy vehicle, we head towards the Dubrovnik city walls…

  1. Enjoying a Buggy ride along the Dubrovnik city walls and an ambience that will remain in your memory

We believe that the walls of Dubrovnik need no special introduction, but did you get a chance to see them this close? The construction of this imposing structure has lasted for centuries.

Driving along the city walls you have the opportunity to experience how imposing they really are. Many of our guests ask themselves: “How was it even possible to build something like this at that time”? Well… apparently it was possible😊.

persons in buggy looking at Dubrovnik city walls up close

  1. We pass above Stari Grad and “sail” towards the first viewpoint.

Look at these photos… They were taken from the very place where we will stop for a short while to take a few selfies or a few photos with your company and the magical Dubrovnik in the background.

Three persons on a buggy sunset tour taking selfies with the old city of Dubrovnik in the background

  1. We drive towards one of the most attractive photo spots. We arrive at the beginning of the 2 km long macadam section, where you will tell us if you are interested in a little better performance of our buggies…

Would you like to spice up this adventure or are you up for a quieter ride on this off-road section?

A person driving buggy vehicle on off-road section in Dubrovnik

  1. On the macadam road we reach the viewpoint “Vidikovac”, from where there is a spectacular view of Elafiti Island and the new part of Dubrovnik

The photos from this photo spot (which is one of the most attractive spots) are a must-have. That’s why we will take a break and enjoy the moment together.

People came by buggy to the place from where they can see the Elaphite islands and new Dubrovnik at sunset

Persons came by buggy to the place from where they can see the Elaphite islands and new Dubrovnik at sunset

  1. We are on our way and in just a few minutes we arrive at Photo spot – a spectacular viewpoint ‘’Srđ’’

You must have already heard of this place. Someday, when you look at a Dubrovnik postcard, remember that it was probably taken from this place. From here, the pearl sea, the Lokrum island and the Old Town Dubrovnik can be seen as if they’re in the palm of your hand. We stop here, of course, so get your cameras ready…

Two girls from the buggy sunset tour watch the unforgettable old town of Dubrovnik from the Srdj mount viewpoint

This is also the last stop on our Buggy Dubrovnik Sunset Panorama Tour, after which we go back to the start position or place you want we take you. During the drive back, you’ll still be able to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views.

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